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LED pixel light

  • Canvas light
Canvas light

Canvas light

  • LED NO.: 15pcs/string
  • Working Voltage: 48V DC/string
  • Hole size: 8mm
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Product description: Canvas lights, known as net light. Through the specially customized buckle outer leather case, it can be firmly attached to the perforated canvas. It is an ideal choice for ad and festive lighting.

LED canvas lamp, the outer leather case has a special customized buckle, which can be firmly fixed on the perforated canvas. It is an ideal material for advertising cloth and festive lighting. IP68 waterproof rating, used in harsh outdoor environments. The lamp can also be reused.

canvas pixel light

Installation steps:

  • Mark hole. Mark a circle with 8mm aperture along the outline of the pattern.
  • Punch. After the pattern is printed, punch the circle through with an 8mm punch.
  • Plug in the lights. Just insert the canvas lamp directly into the round hole. The lamp has two feet, which will hold the canvas firmly.
  • Finally, connect the wires and power on.

Canvas lights

LED canvas light

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