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  • Point light sources
Point light sources

Point light sources

  • Working voltage: DC 36V / 48V
  • Drive type: Constant current
  • Transmission method: breakpoint resume
  • Protection level: IP68
  • Product description: LED point light source is used for decorative lighting in large buildings, entertainment places, bridges, squares, parks and other scenes.

Product advantages:

  1. LED full-color point light sources are used in building lighting, building facade screens, super-large high-altitude subtitle screens, etc.
  2. Light weight, small volume, and ultra-thin profile for easy installation.
  3. The light body adopts transparent design, high invisibility and good effect during the day.
  4. The signal adopts the breakpoint continuous transmission technology, and the long-distance transmission loss is small, and the use is flexible.
  5. Corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, UV resistance, flame retardant, and IP68 protection level guarantee safe use in harsh environments such as sea, humidity, and cold.
  6. Long and stable service life, 3 years warranty.

Communication format: DMX512 or IIC

R=500~600mcd  620~625nm

G=1400~1800mcd  520~525nm

B=350~500mcd  465~470nm


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