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  • LED rigid strip
LED rigid strip

LED rigid strip

  • Working Voltage: 48V DC/pcs
  • Drive type: Constant current
  • Working Temperature: -40℃~+80℃
  • Protection level: IP68
  • Product description: LED rigid strip DC 48V constant current drive, IP68 protection level, anti-UV, anti-aging, flame retardant. It is suitable for the lighting of light boxes in shopping malls, airports, subways, etc.

LED rigid strip

LED rigid strip

Product advantages:

    1. The LED rigid strip is designed for DC48V constant current, which perfectly solves the problem of uneven brightness of the light box;
    2. High-quality aluminum substrate as the base plate, excellent heat dissipation.
    3. The pressure drop is extremely small, the power supply does not need to be placed in the light box, and can be managed away from the light box, which has a great price and low maintenance cost;
    4. Strict and fine light splitting, strong light and color consistency, no color difference, and strong visual effect;
    5. Adopt high-end silica gel, anti-corrosion, low temperature resistance, UV resistance, flame retardant; IP68 protection level;
    6. International SGS, RoSH, CE certification; China, Taiwan, USA, Japan, South Korea invention patents;
    7. There are 60cm-14 LEDs, 100cm-14 LEDs, 110cm-14 LEDs, 110cm-28 LEDs specification choice.
    8. Low light decay, super long life, 3 years warranty.

Color temperature:



Item Working Voltage Working current Working Power LED NO. Size Protrction View Angle Working Temperature
48V DC 320 mA 16W 28 1100*20*6mm
HSUYU-A110-14 48V DC 160 mA 8W 14 1000*20*6mm
HSUYU-A60-14 48V DC 160 mA 8W 14 600*20*6mm

LED rigid strip
LED rigid strip manufacturer

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