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Skyworth Group

HSUYU is the top manufacturer in China for led pixel module light with UL, CE, SGS and RoHS certification.

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LED pixel light China

Skyworth Group
Based on Hong Kong Skyworth Digital Holdings Limited as a leader, across Guangdong and Hong Kong, the production of consumer electronics, networking and communications products, large high-tech listed companies. In the "2016 Chinese enterprises 500" ranked No. 386.

Our pixel module is DC 48 voltage-driven, which is the biggest difference from other products.

1. Mainly used for outdoor sign, especially the huge advertisement signage of the skyscraper.
2. DC 48V drive to reduce voltage drop. Power supply can be centralized within 100 meters away from the signage.
3. Light efficiency is consistent without considering the voltage drop problem, without any loops.
4. Ultra-high luminous efficiency, more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
5. IP68 protection grade, anti-corrosion, anti-low temperature, anti-UV, flame retardant,  suitable for use in varety of harsh environments.
6. CE/RoSH/SGS certification. More than 20 patents in China, Taiwan,  Korea, Japan and the United States.
7. Long life, warranty for 3 years.



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