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  • Mindray curtain wall sign
Mindray curtain wall sign

Mindray Headquarters Building is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The luminous steel structure and shell of the curtain wall are completely made of 304# stainless steel, and the exterior is sprayed with red fluorocarbon paint. The light source adopts our 48V red led pixle light, which has high brightness consistency and strong penetrating power.

HSUYU 48V leakage lamp is 15 times/5 times smaller than the traditional 5V/12V current, avoiding the fire hazard caused by overload and aging of the wire. Moreover, the voltage drop is small, and the power supply can be centrally managed 100 meters away from the curtain wall sign which is beautiful and reduces the maintenance cost of replacing the power supply in the future. 48V LED pixel light is the first choice for luminous characters on large curtain wall signs.

curtain wall led sign

curtain wall sign

curtain wall led sign China

curtain wall sign

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