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Five commonor problems in LED sign

1. LED luminous characters short service life

The theoretical life of LED produced by regular manufacturers is generally about 80,000 hours. Now many of the luminous characters begin to break frequently when they haven't been used for one year, which has brought a lot of troubles and economic losses to customers and advertisers.

2. The color decays very quickly

The color of the just-installed light character is pure and bright, but the color is obviously faded in less than a year.

3. Uneven color, color difference

Mainly in the pure white LED production of larger light words. In the assembly, the performance of the individual modules is not obvious. After the entire font assembly is completed, the color difference is clearly manifested. The entire literal surface is like a map, which is white, blue and yellow.

4. Uddenly not bright or bright when not lit

The strokes in the font part, the whole ones suddenly don't shine, or the ones don't shine when the light is on. When the luminous characters are used for a period of time, the local or entire font light source begins to flicker, and when the light is on, it does not shine until it is completely off.

5.  Large output power, energy saving is not obvious

The font output power is relatively large, saving energy and energy is not obvious.



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