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Difference between led pixel channel letters and blister luminous characters

Punch holes on the surface of the iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium characters, and install the led pixel light, and these characters become the led pixel channel letter. The materials commonly used for the production of exposed luminous characters are: galvanized sheet, stainless steel, aluminum sheet and titanium gold sheet.
led channel letter
Compared with blister characters, led pixel channel letters have a higher cost performance. After analysis, it has the following characteristics:

★Size limit:
Generally speaking, you don’t need to worry about the size of the characters, but the blister characters are restricted by the blister machine. Words that are too large need to be spliced, so that the appearance will be greatly affected, and there will be a certain amount of joint marks.

★Uniform light emission
Because the blister characters are limited by the size of the strokes, there is no way for the strokes that cannot be assembled with ordinary molds. Therefore, there will be a place with different brightness of the characters. The external luminous characters are installed with a single LED lamp, so there is no such phenomenon in the pixel channel letter of the LED (unless the lamp is broken).

★Comparison of brightness
The lamp of Led pixel channel letter is exposed, it is not affected by other things, so the brightness is higher than that of blister luminous characters.

★Easy to maintain
The lamp beads with the led pixel channel letter can be removed from the outside, and the characters on the character side of the blister light box need to be removed. For high-rise buildings, it takes a lot of cost to disassemble and repair the characters and put them back. For example, you need to build a shelf or rent a hanging basket to do it.

★Low cost
The conventional blister characters are also called light box characters, which are composed of two sets of characters and the lights inside. Therefore, the cost is relatively high. The led pixel channel letters can be made of iron sheet or stainless steel as a set of characters, and then the lights are installed through perforation, which saves costs.

LED pixel channel letters



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