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Now the signage industry, with 5V and 12V voltage light source is relatively common, but due to the drawbacks of low-voltage design, resulting in a very large line current, which presents a number of shortcomings:

Wire easy to aging
Cause a fire
LED short life
Fast decay in brightness
Luminous brightness is not uniform
Significant color difference

But my company 48V-driven advertising LED light source, but it can perfectly solve the above problems.

48V belongs to the international industrial safety voltage. Due to the LED industry, led pixel string operating current is generally 20mA, the following on the 1500 light as an example to illustrate the advantages of 48V light source.

1、Comparison of safety

As can be seen from the circuit diagram, 1500 light, 5V / 12V light source main current respectively 30A / 10A, 48V light source main circuit only 2A.

5V / 12V light source design exists in the summary of the branch junction current is too large, the moment of ignition is likely to cause burning or melting joints; and the main line of the current load overload overload, the aging of the wire.

My company 48V light source current is very small, can completely avoid the above problems. So compared to the traditional 5V / 12V products, the use of 48V advertising LED light source more secure

5V / 12V light source caused a fire

2、Shiny beautiful comparison

5V / 12V lamp due to pressure drop, resulting in uneven voltage distribution, light color uniformity is poor, there will be local bright, dark local phenomenon, and even affect the normal work of the LED.

And my company 48V light source using constant voltage power supply, constant current drive within the product, the voltage drop is allowed in the 3-4V, the luminous efficiency is more consistent, without considering the pressure drop problem, no matter how big the word, to ensure consistent luminous excellent !

3、Power Management Comparison

5V / 12V products because of pressure drop, the switching power supply must be placed inside or beside the word, to the latter part of the maintenance of power trouble;

And my company 48V light source can be 600 meters within the power of any centralized place, does not affect the luminous effect, to ensure the consistency of light color and brightness, the power can also be placed directly in the distribution box for easy replacement and maintenance.

4、Comparison of wiring loops

5V / 12V products in the wiring, because the current is very large, to every 50 lights to pick a loop, otherwise the light will be dark and uneven.

48V light source is: 2.5 square positive and negative main line can drive 4500 lights, do not answer the circuit to ensure brightness consistency.

5、Energy-saving comparison

Some people think that high voltage, energy consumption is large, this is a misunderstanding. With reference to the comparison circuit diagram, the total power of the products with the same single power (power = voltage × current) at 1500 to 48V is 96W (48V × 2A), while the same number of 5V products is 150W 30A), 12V product is 120 watts (12V × 10A). If the number of LED more,

The gap between the power will be more disproportionate. This proves: 48V LED parallel than 5V / 12V more power, more energy.


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